RSSWiki or TiddlyBlog – pulling RSS feeds into your TiddlyWiki

When I first looked at TiddlyWiki I thought that this would be really cool to use for blogging.

So recently I’ve started to fiddle with creating macros/plugins for TiddlyWiki and I came up with the idea of an RSS reader macro. What it does is pulls in blogs via RSS, and creates a tiddler for each blog, and then tags the tiddler to link it to a specific blog feed (e.g. ‘craigCookBlog’).

The macro I’ve created can either accept two direct parameters (RSSFeedURL, tagName), or if you pass in none it will look to a specific tiddler (RSSFeedList) which contains a comma separated list of RSS feeds and their tagNames.

At the moment it only works if the TiddyWiki is stored locally, I’m working on a solution for when it is stored remotely (i.e. on a server). I’m also working on a better way of adding RSS feeds to the list, but for the moment you get the principle.

You can check it out at:

P.s. Please tell me if you have any issues with this URL.

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3 comments on “RSSWiki or TiddlyBlog – pulling RSS feeds into your TiddlyWiki
  1. Saq says:

    I’m afraid I can’t get that URL working Craig.

    “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at”

  2. boycook says:

    Saq try now. My network at home wasn’t working properly so that’s why you couldn’t get to the page. After hours of fiddling I realised that my filter had blown 🙂

    P.s. You may have some issues trying the RSS reader on a Mac. I’ve tested in FireFox but on a PC and it works fine, Jon and Jeremy have used Macs (with FireFox) and had some issues.

  3. Saq says:

    Sadly it’s still not working! Could you email it to me? Or get set up with SVN at

    I am a PC user myself so the Mac problems should not apply to me.

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