TiddlyMojo – Sending SMS and making phone calls with TiddlyWiki

So I took a slightly different route than planned this week. My day job steered me towards looking into mojo (http://mojo.bt.com). This is an implementation of the BT SDK (http://web21c.bt.com/) that allows you to create gadgets that utilise Web21C and can be easily be added to your website (or application).

So in keeping of all things TiddyWiki (http://tiddlywiki.com/) I created a plugin for TiddlyWiki that allows you to send a SMS and make a call from within your TiddlyWiki.

You can view a sample of it at:


Or you can just download the scriptfile directly:


Please note that you will also need the following file for encryption:


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2 comments on “TiddlyMojo – Sending SMS and making phone calls with TiddlyWiki
  1. Saq says:

    Nice work Craig.

    A quick tip: TiddlyWiki has some built in code for SHA-1 that you might be able to use. Just look at the Crypto functions.

    You can also shave off a few lines of code using the getXMLHttpRequest function

    I realize that since this is a demo these things dont really matter, but it’s good to know whats already available in the core.


  2. boycook says:

    Cheers for the pointers. I’ll change the code to use the existing TiddlyWiki functionality.

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