Media streaming with PS3 (DivX, Xvid)

I’ve had a strange day today. I started off loving Sony, then I hated them, now I’m almost loving them again. I’ll explain:

I’m fed up with watching all of the torrents that I download on my PC in my study. I’ve got a 19′ widescreen monitor so it’s not terrible, but in my front room I have a 32′ TV and a projector, and I felt like it’s going to waste, especially as most of what I watch is downloaded.

So I set about to use the DLNA media streaming capabilities of my PS3 (this also works using an Xbox360):

  • I have a local wireless network onto which my PC’s, PS3, XBox360 etc are all attached. So I thought that this would be easy.
  • In your PS3 settings you need to ‘enable media server’ (or the like).
  • Then on you PC you go to Windows Media Player (11, or Media Center) select ‘library menu’ and then ‘media sharing’. From here you can set the permissions for your different devices.
  • If your device does not appear you’ll need to either change your firewall settings to let media player through, or you can disable it all together.
  • Make sure you add files to your library.

I was now loving Sony. If you restart your PS3 (or search for media server), your PC will now appear and you can browse to files. Ahh, this is where you get a problem. The PS3 only supports mpeg media format. Now I hated Sony. You can do what some sites suggest and re-encode all of your files, or you can just use some other software to stream.

This is where I discovered  TVersity. This works in a similar way in that you need to build your libraries etc, but the cool thing about this is that it will change the format of the file to one accepted by the client as it streams it, and you don’t need to go and re-encode all of your media. In other words you can now play all of your downloads (DivX, XVid avi’s) on your PS3. Cool eh. Now I’m kind of fond of Sony, but waiting for them to release more codecs for the PS3.

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5 comments on “Media streaming with PS3 (DivX, Xvid)
  1. jayfresh says:

    Oh, clever. I’m going to have to try that as soon as BT deliver my shiny new homehub.

  2. Random-Joe says:

    Actually, it gets better. Today, Sony annouced that in future firmware updates that the DIVX format will be accepted.

    Good times.

  3. Snapper3166 says:

    I’m going through this pain at the moment as I’m unwilling to buy a PS3 unless it can stream to my TV. I think divx is supported by PS3 now (under MPEG-4SP the problem is that XVID (which is the most widely used encoding method now) is not…

  4. boycook says:

    I was trying to advocate Tversity over the PS3 here. My point was that you don’t want to have to re-encode your media, and it’s nice that Tversity does it as it streams. Tvserisy works with Xvid too, so you will be able to stream Xvid files to your PS3.

  5. Crazy250 says:

    Xvid works fine for me. I didn’t test it extensively but it streamed from the network just fine.
    I’m using WMP11, not TVersity
    Try copying to your HDD.

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