GitAll to mange your GitHub repositories

Do you work with multiple GitHub repositories over multiple user or organisation accounts? Ever wanted to clone or update all your GitHub repositories with one command? Then GitAll is the tool for you. You can get it from GitHub here.

GitAll is a tool to mange (clone, update etc) all the GitHub repositories for multiple user (or organisation) accounts in one command.

  • {action} can be [|clone|update|status|config]
  • {user} is the account name. This is case sensitive
  • {dir} this is the target dir, defaults to current dir ‘.’
  • {protocol} [ssh|https|svn] this is the protocol to be used to fetch the repo, defaults to ‘ssh’
  • clone – clones all repositories
  • update – updates all repositories
  • status – gives status for all repositories
  • config – gives the config in `$HOME/.gitall/config.json`

You setup the config for the accounts that you want to manage in a config file $HOME/.gitall/config.json.
Example config is:

   "username": "BoyCook",
   "dir": "/Users/boycook/code/boycook",
   "protocol": "ssh"
   "username": "TiddlySpace",
   "dir": "/Users/boycook/code/osmosoft/tiddlyspace",
   "protocol": "ssh"
How it works

GitAll works by either setting up config in the config file, or passing it parameters on the command line.
Parameters passed in will take precidence over parameters found in the config file.
It’s much better to setup the config in advance and let the GitAll do all the hard work.


gitall {action} {user} {dir} {protocol}
The final three are optional

Example usage with config file
gitall clone
gitall update
gitall status

These will perform the action specified on each account setup in the config file.

Example usage passing in parameters
gitall clone BoyCook /Users/boycook/code/boycook ssh

This will clone all the repositories for the user BoyCook ( into the directory boycook using
the ssh protocol.

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