My name is Craig Cook (BoyCook) I’ve been a full-time professional software developer in the UK since 2003.

Like many others I’ve been playing with code and computers since I was about 12. I started out with playing with QBasic and then moved onto technologies/languages like Java, Ruby, C#, Erlang, HTML, SQL, JavaScript etc. I’m quite fond of node.js and have been using it frequently recently.

I try to apply engineering best practice so am keen on practices such as:

  • Automation (build, test, deploy, monitor etc)
  • TDD
  • Configuration management
  • Dependancy management
  • Code quality tools
  • Agile

I currently live in SE London/Kent in England.

Other sites

https://github.com/BoyCook for most of my code
http://www.linkedin.com/in/BoyCook my work history
http://twitter.com/BoyCook for tweets
http://craigcook.co.uk my personal homepage
http://boycook.com my blog

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