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TiddlyBlogger updated

I’ve recently updated my original TiddlyBlogger code to include JayFresh‘s additions mentioned here (cheers for your work here Jon). The added features are: You can publish tags You get a response to the XML-RPC Ajax call (i.e. you know if

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TiddlyBlogger is here – JavaScript blog posting with XML-RPC and TiddlyWiki

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was interested in turning TiddlyWiki into an offline blogging tool. The idea being that you often get a spare few minutes when you’re offline, and you could use that time to do

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TiddlyBlogger – publishing blogs created in TiddlyWiki to online blog

Continuing on from my RSS reader TiddlyWiki frame of mind, I thought that it would be cool to be able to something similar with writing blogs. My idea stems from the fact that TiddlyWiki is perfect for offline working. So

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RSSWiki or TiddlyBlog – pulling RSS feeds into your TiddlyWiki

When I first looked at TiddlyWiki I thought that this would be really cool to use for blogging. So recently I’ve started to fiddle with creating macros/plugins for TiddlyWiki and I came up with the idea of an RSS reader

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